Roger Bacon Research Society

The purpose of the Society is to promote research of the science, philosophy, history and culture of the Middle Ages with the special focus on contributing to in-depth knowledge of Roger Bacon (1220-1292), his environment and his philosophical, historical, and cultural significance.

In order to pursue its aims, the Society supports research and collaboration among its members. The Society will foster individual and collaborative research projects. It will establish an information network among its members, will distribute a newsletter, organise an annual meeting and an online reading group.

The Society will support its members concerning the publication of scientific contributions directly related to its aims. It will sponsor, as cultural entity, the organisation of conferences, congresses, panels, colloquia, and similar gatherings whose purposes meet those of the Society. It is among the prerogatives of the Society to disseminate the results of these gatherings through the publication of proceedings or in other forms. Particularly, the Society fosters a free-access dissemination of academic knowledge via web and other means.



You can find here the list of current members of the Roger Bacon Research Society. If you would like to join the Society, write an email to secretary.rbrs@gmail.com

Works by Roger Bacon

A comprehensive list of the edited works by Roger Bacon to better appreciate the richness of Bacon’s interests and production.

Life of Roger Bacon

A short biography of Roger Bacon written by Yael Kedar (Tel Hai) can be a nice way to familiarise with Bacon’s scientific and philosophical reflections and their historical context.

Studies on Roger Bacon

If you want to navigate the abundant scholarly production on Roger Bacon, this list is a very good start.