Tea Time with Bacon


12 November 2021, 4 pm CET – Medicine

Meagan Allen, Pharmacology and the prolongatio vitae in the works of Roger Bacon

Chaired by Yael Kedar

Suggested reading
Opus maius, pt. VI, pr. 2, ex. 2

Zoom link: https://telhai-ac-il.zoom.us/j/83252263545


19 February 2021, 4 pm CET – Reform of sciences

Nikolaus Egel, Roger Bacon’s Reform of the Sciences

Chaired by Nicola Polloni (KU Leuven)

19 March 2021, 4 pm CET – Division of sciences

Alexander Fidora, The Division of the Sciences in Opus Maius IV, 1, 2: Notes on Bacon’s Sources and Their Transformation

Chaired by Dominic Dold (MPIWG and TU Berlin)

9 April 2021, 3 pm CEST (instead of 4 pm) – Optics

Nader El-Bizri, On Vision: Roger Bacon’s Opus maius (V.1-2) in light of Alhazen’s Optics (I-II)

Chaired by Lukaš Lička (Akademie věd České republiky)

6 May 2021, 4 pm CEST – Astronomy

Philipp Nothaft, Roger Bacon and Giles of Lessines

Chaired by Cecilia Panti (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”)

16 July 2021, 4 pm CEST – Science of weights

Yael Kedar, The motion of the scale and Bacon’s scientific method

Chaired by Giora Hon (University of Haifa)

17 September 2021, 4 pm CEST – Arithmetic

Aurélien Robert, Roger Bacon and John Peckham on the place and role of arithmetic

Chaired by Clelia Crialesi (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”)

8 October 2021, 4 pm CEST – Alchemy

William Newman, Roger Bacon and Thirteenth-Century Alchemy

Chaired by Meagan Allen