CFA: SIEPM Congress 2022

SIEPM Congress 2022

The Roger Bacon Research Society is willing to propose two panels for the SIEPM congress which will be held in Paris from 22-26 August 2022.

The congress will focus on “La pensée radicale au Moyen Âge / Radical thinking in the Middle Ages”. Accordingly, our two panels (3 people + chair) will expand on Bacon’s radical positions.

If you would like to participate and give a talk on instantiations of Bacon’s radicalism in his theories, criticism, and methods, please, send your proposal to Meagan Allen ( by 10 October 2021.

Submitted proposals should follow the SIEPM requirements available at the following link.

As always, we keep at your disposal for any questions you might have. You can also reach us at

CFA: Saint Bonaventure Conference 2022

Saint Bonaventure Conference 2022

The Roger Bacon Research Society is soliciting paper proposals for two sponsored sessions (3-4 papers each) for a conference on Roger Bacon’s Moralis Philosophia, to be held at St. Bonaventure University (New York) from July 21-24, 2022. This conference will center around the new translation of the Moralis Philosophia, by Jeremiah Hackett and Thomas S. Maloney. In light of the themes of the conference, the Roger Bacon Research Society will be proposing two sessions:

  1. The Political and Religious Implications of Bacon’s Ethics
  2. Bacon’s Ethics and its Classical Sources

 We welcome any paper proposals that relate to either of these categories. Please submit an abstract of 200-250 words to Meagan Allen ( by Sunday, September 26, 2021. In the email, please indicate your institutional affiliation and for which of our two panels you would like to be considered.

Roger Bacon Research Society at the Medieval Academy of America

The Roger Bacon Research Society is still inviting proposals for papers and panels for the 96th Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America, 15-18 April 2021 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Please submit all paper proposals to Meagan Allen ( by Monday, 25 May. The Roger Bacon Research Society will then organize the submissions into sessions of 3 papers each, and submit the proposals directly to the Medieval Academy of America.