Videos on Roger Bacon by RBRS

Tea Time with Bacon 2021:
Opus maius and the Sciences”

Nikolaus EgelRoger Bacon’s Reform of the Sciences

Alexander FidoraThe Division of the Sciences in Opus Maius IV, 1, 2: Notes on Bacon’s Sources and Their Transformation

Nader El-BizriOn Vision: Roger Bacon’s Opus maius (V.1-2) in light of Alhazen’s Optics (I-II)

Philipp Nothaft, Roger Bacon and Giles of Lessines

Yael Kedar, The Motion of the Scale and Bacon’s Scientific Method

RBRS Lecture 2020

Irène Rosier Catach, The Diversity and Coherence of Roger Bacon’s Interests in Language

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Videos on Roger Bacon

Yael Kedar, Roger Bacon and Astrology